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Private equity offerings have evolved; it’s time your approach to creating new funds evolves too. The Hubert Group is a pioneer in bringing proven marketing and sales development approaches to the world of private equity through 506c approved fundraising.



Add new participants in your fund from a wider range of accredited investors by leveraging the 506c advantages. It will benefit your fund as well as your investors.




As with any revenue-focused effort, success is measured by how much was raised and how much it costs (ROI). The Hubert Group delivers. Just ask the team at Urban Catalyst, who raised $26 million for their first fund with a 13X return on their marketing program spend. 

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Are you raising an Opportunity Zone fund? Having assisted in raising initial and subsequent OZ funds, The Hubert Group is experienced with the additional requirements and deadlines of OZ funds. Schedule a free consultation to discuss what program may be right for you.

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